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Jesus Christ...

This flash really kept me going, I mean every single motion blur, every glow effect, and every “3D animation” is just great. I can’t say I can find anything that is bad about this flash. This was just awesome. It’s original, and the little jokes (O RLY, YA RLY) everywhere it’s perfect in every way possible (I cried). Awesome incredibly Awesome.


Hmmm... Lets see...

Graphics-Clean Smooth anamation and Graphics!
Style- Crap this is all well done... (Original)
Sound- No fuzzy mic's here! And good music!
Violence- The brain eating dude and, awsome blood and brain exposure!
Interactivity- Well hey it had a play button!
Humor- The co-co nut falling on the dudes head. ROFL
Overall- 10/10 5/5- I'm sure this will make front page. Great Job!

pancake0Dean responds:

Thanks man!! and i dout it'll make front page but thanks for saying it

Wow! This is amazing!

You tied the 3D and the 2D in perfectly! This is so awsome! I'm a big fan of all the missions flown by the WWII Pilots. Thanks for this beautiful peice of work! Keep it up sir!

LogFish responds:

Hey thanks a lot :) Glad my first reviewer could look past the inaccuracies n stuff heheh.

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This is Great lol

Nice Game! Tankmen was an awesome movie and your first Tankmen dress up was pretty cool for a first. And... Great job on raising the bar on these "Seemingly" "Boring" dress up games with your rotating parts and joints. I think you need to somehow put all of your ideas together and fit everything together just perfect so everything rolls along nicely. Also try to find more objects to put in there because the combo's get kinda scarce after awhile. Tie in more cool ideas with your stock ideas and who knows? Maybe you'll get a front pager someday.
8/10 4/5 (Not bad dude!)

Zuggz responds:

thanks lol.
well okay, more graphics is basically all this needs, but ill see if i can add something else to wow people. lol


Wow man nice start. But just like my grandpa taught me if you choose middle first then you'll pretty much always win. Actually thats wrong in this case because you made it impossible to win no matter what difficulty level lol... I played for like what 15 minutes tryign to win but I drew (Draw) every frickign time lol. But really nice start on the actionscripto monkeys Becasue I can't use it worth a flip.
So anyways... good start and keep up the good work man! 6/10 - 3/5

themoviejoker responds:

Yeah, that's why I put: Warning: Level hard to win! xD


This is front page material. Awsome game! Reminds me of a couple others but this one is really fun! Great job and, Keep it up man!

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This is so awsome!!! You have the best songs in the Audio portal!!!!I SWEAR!!!!! Awsome!!!!

Oh yeah.... Keep it up =)
Thank you!


Chronamut responds:

hehehe niiiice a 20 year old calling me awesome - well - I do try - and I am still improving - maybe someday I'll be really big ya?

thanks for the review mate!

and your welcome!


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